jueves, enero 26, 2006

Vallada Valencia.

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A las 5:27 a. m., Anonymous j a m i e ha dicho...

in sepia - it looks beautifully old fashioned. nice.

A las 7:10 p. m., Anonymous Rock Kauser ha dicho...

These are certainly some rugged hills! They dwarf and hug the town.

A las 8:41 p. m., Anonymous outdoorexposure ha dicho...

nice sepia tone...the mountain shape like maxican hat:-) great capture:-)

A las 7:34 a. m., Blogger ChickyBabe ha dicho...

Love the sepia!

A las 2:06 p. m., Blogger Sidney ha dicho...

Great in sepia! A very eerie looking city. Majestic mountains!


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