jueves, septiembre 08, 2005

Alarcón- Cuenca-..Son tres fotos unidas con Panorama Maker de Nikon, por eso muestra un pequeño recorte en el torreón de la izquierda... Posted by Picasa

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A las 7:06 p. m., Blogger ryx ha dicho...

thank you for visiting my blog. :) i wish i spoke more spanish so that i would know what you were saying about taht pic. its beautiful :D

A las 10:08 p. m., Blogger fotodiario ha dicho...


A las 5:27 p. m., Blogger jamie lang ha dicho...

beautiful castle. looks like the scale is massive - quite hard to visualize completely but the little building on the lake makes the castle and lake both look gigantic.


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