martes, septiembre 20, 2005

TEBAR. El patio. Posted by Picasa

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A las 12:10 a. m., Anonymous Anónimo ha dicho...

I skim a lot of blogs, and
so far yours is in the Top 3
of my list of favorites. I'm
going to dive in and try my
hand at it, so wish me luck.

It'll be in a totally different
area than yours (mine is
about keyword ranking)
I know, it sounds strange, but it's
like anything, once you learn more
about it, it's pretty cool.

If you don't mind, I'd really appreciate
being able to come back and get a
few tips and suggestions from you,
if that's alright, alright?

Tiffany Burrell
Keyword Queen!
ps. I confess, that's not my real picture! :-)

A las 3:00 a. m., Blogger Legabal ha dicho...

¿ De Michigan, por lo que deduzco..? Jeje ¿ Top3 in your liste of favorites? Jaja Uuyy Uy


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