lunes, octubre 10, 2005

.VALENCIA. Atardecer en el Jardin del Turia. ( Viernes ) Ramas de plata y avion.(Nikon 5700.Focal: 27.3mm.Exposure time:0.002 s. Aperture: f:/ 4.6. ISO 100. Flash. ) Posted by Picasa

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A las 5:06 p. m., Anonymous Marcus Myller ha dicho...

Great contrast.

Like it your Grace, The State takes notice of the priuate difference Betwixt you, and the Cardinall. I aduise you (And take it from a heart, that wishes towards you Honor, and plenteous safety) that you reade The Cardinals Malice, and his Potency Together; To consider further, that What his high Hatred would effect, wants not A Minister in his Power. You know his Nature, That he's Reuengefull; and I know, his Sword Hath a sharpe edge: It's long, and't may be saide It reaches farre, and where 'twill not extend, Thither he darts it. Bosome vp my counsell, You'l finde it wholesome. Loe, where comes that Rock

A las 7:35 p. m., Blogger . ha dicho...

Vaya efecto curioso has sacado, osea la quemas con el flash y te sale saturada de plata..jodio ;)


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