sábado, noviembre 19, 2005

Manises Valencia Posted by Picasa

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A las 12:15 a. m., Blogger Sidney ha dicho...

Wow! What an impressive sky!
It makes a very dramatic picture!

A las 2:44 a. m., Anonymous JAMIE ha dicho...

Lovely skies and what beautiful tones in sepia. Really like this!

A las 4:08 a. m., Anonymous rock ha dicho...

Wonderful! My favorite :)

A las 8:54 a. m., Blogger ChickyBabe ha dicho...

Great silhouette and the tone makes it look very dramatic!

A las 12:54 p. m., Blogger Jean ha dicho...

Que ce ciel est expressif ! Il semble magique !

A las 8:07 p. m., Anonymous outdoorexposure ha dicho...

i like this shot....interesting ray of light from the sky and sepia tone adds the classic look...beautiful:-)


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